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I painfully wandered through life for years, unaware to the passion, love and sex that I could experience. I was angry. I was repressed. I was lost. Combining my spiritual and sexual journey has been transformational.


Your sexuality is a gateway to your soul. It will show you things you didn’t know about yourself. It will show you things you didn’t want to acknowledge about yourself. It will show you where your shadows lie. Where your fear resides. Where the true you lives. It is a powerful thing to acknowledge your sexuality.​

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Part of getting right with spirit is, getting honest about your sexuality!!!!!!!!


I loved this Taara! Thank you. You have such a calm voice and presence! I also appreciate what you said about being an empath and talking about your experience being ok with it.

- Becca

I absolutely love the course. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I think what you have created will help so many women and men.

- Kennedy

Taara has chosen very critical concepts that must be explored if you want to awaken your sexuality. She has delivered them in a very practical and accessible way, making the material easy to understand, in order to apply them during homework. After completing the course I was definitely more aligned with my true sexuality and my honest desires moving forward.

- Danica

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