Luminous Love & Sex Program

This program is designed to be done at your own pace. Once you enroll, you will have access to each session. I offer private 1:1 coaching for those who require more support while taking the program. Click Here for more information on this.

Step 1: Find Your Soul

SELF LOVE - Self-love defines YOU. It allows you the freedom to experience what you like and sets clear boundaries of the things you don’t like. Self-love, self-esteem – it all comes down to loving oneself. Do you wake up each day and love being you? (video & homework included)

FANTASIES & FEARS - I discuss why fantasies are important and why we can experience fear surrounding them. I share a guided meditation to assist with uncovering and exploring your fantasies on a deeper soulful level. (video, guided meditation & homework included)

FEELINGS, EMOTIONS & ANXIETY - This is the second most frequently asked question I receive. How do I deal with my anxiety and feelings when exploring sexually? (video & homework included)

CHAKRA E-BOOK & GUIDED MEDITATION - Learn about your chakras and ways to heal and improve your health. (guided meditation & e-book included)

​★ SLUT ASTROLOGY - how sexy is each sign? This book details all the tips you need to know for each astrology sign. (e-book included)

Step 2: Find the Joys in Your Soul

​★ 5 LOVE LANGUAGES, and, 5 EROTIC BLUEPRINTS - Both are tools designed to help you better understand yourself and partner(s) specifically exploring relationships, sex and sexuality. (video, quiz links & homework for each included)

PLEASURE, PLAY & PRESENCE - This will help you you reignite that sexual appetite. Finding pleasure and play in everyday activities will assist you in finding pleasure and playfulness with your sexuality. (video & homework included)

SAYING NO & FEELING GOOD - I discuss the Wheel of Consent and why it is so important in owning your NO. I also offer some advice on how to empower yourself with this word. Saying no it an integral part of opening up your relationship & is important to understand. (video, Wheel of Consent handout & homework included)



Step 3: Find Your Soul Tribe

★ DIRECT COMMUNICATION & GETTING WHAT YOU WANT - In this session we talk about getting what you want when it comes to your sexuality. I share the 3 Communication Questions & The 3 C's of Communication in order to guide you through this. (video & homework included)

WHAT TO DO ABOUT VANILLA FRIENDS, FAMILY & NON-SLUTS - what to do about those who don't approve of your lifestyle choices. (video included)


SEXUAL ABUSE & YOUR SEXUALITY - Trauma from sexual abuse lives in the cells of your body forever. In this session I help you to understand how sexual abuse shapes your sexuality. I then share ways to encourage healing your mind, body and soul. (video included)

★ LADIES OF THE LIFESTYLE GROUP - join the Ladies of the Lifestyle group with one year free membership. This is an intimate and active group that I am proud to be part of. Click Here for more information about Ladies of the Lifestyle.

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