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Sex & Pleasure Coach

I painfully wandered through life for years, unaware to the passion, love and sex that I could experience. I was angry. I was repressed. I was lost.


When I hit rock bottom, a book, A New Earth by Eckhard Tolle, was given to me. It completely changed how I saw the world. I started to explore my spirituality and sexuality and things started to shift. Healing took place deep in my soul as I uncovered more about myself and the gifts I possessed.


During this time I met my partner, James, who seemed to be experiencing a shift similar to mine. We made a decision that we did not want to fit the societal “norm” when it came to relationships, sex and dating. We wanted to open things up. Since 2012 we have explored a consensual non monogamous relationship and I never looked back.


Combining my spiritual and sexual journey has been transformational. Your sexuality is a gateway to your soul. It will show you things you didn’t know about yourself. It will show you things you didn’t want to acknowledge about yourself. It will show you where your shadows lie. Where your fear resides. Where the true you lives. It is a powerful thing to acknowledge your sexuality.


This inspired me to help other women and I created my program, Luminous Love & Sex. In the program we dig deep into understanding your soul and your sexuality. You learn more about your authentic self and with that - the freedom to explore what your soul craves. Join my program today and experience the transformation that you are waiting for!

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